Filter Bag Cages & Ventury


Filter Bag Cages are the support system for filter bags in a bag house. Its quality in aesthetics, finish and dimensional accuracy plays a vital role in defining the life of the filter bags.

We offers high end precision filter bag cages from its state of manufacturing facility. Our Industrial Filter Cages are made of GI/MS/SS in various wire diameter using automatic cage welding machines. These products are characteristic of their finish, ensuring smooth surfaces devoid of any burrs and sharp edges. Moreover the automatic machines provide accurate dimensions and strength. The filter bag cages are the support system of the critical filter bags in a dust collector. Its quality in terms of dimensions, finish etc define the life of Filter bags and ultimately the emissions from the system.

Our cages are available in a variety of designs  top cap, length of cages, number of vertical wires and rings, moc of wires etc to suit custom requirements.



Cost effective
Longer life
Light in weight
Easy to handle at site
Easy to interchange

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