Snap Type Filter Bag

Filto Five the leading manufacturer and suppliers of Dust Collector Filter Bag.

The conventional dust collector filter bags are manufactured using Non Woven Needlefelt Media.The fibres of the base material, with the support scrim in the middle is passed through a high speed needle-loom.The specially designed needles punch the fibres and interlock them on the support scrim.The material is then calandered and singed to give an aesthetic surface finish.

The result is a stable textile material having air permeability suitable for dry dust filtration.

These types of filter bag can achieve efficiency level of almost 99% for collection of very fine is also very efficient and cost effective.


Type of Fabric : Max Cont Temperature

Polyester : 150 deg C

Homopolymer polyacrylicnitrile : 130 deg C

Ryton : 160 deg C

Polypropylene :  90 deg C

Nomex : 200 deg C

Teflon(PTFE) : 250 deg C

P84(Polyimide) : 200 deg C


User Industries

Power Plants, Paints, Pharmaceutical,Cement, Steel,

Fertilizers, Spray Dryers, Sugar,Wood Working, Food Processing, Foundry etc.

Additional Information:
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 100 Piece

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